Social Media Consulting

A premium solution for all digital marketing and social branding needs

What we do

We create and implement social strategy to expand and engage your audience by establishing cohesive branding across all platforms.


  • Analyze current influence in market
  • Create strategy to align with existing goals
  • Determine metrics to gauge success and other key performance indicators


  • Engage newly established audience
  • Target advertising and monetize new customers
  • Continually modify and improve social strategy to align with goals

About Us

At Platobrand, we realize that not every company or individual has the time or personnel to create, maintain, and monitor a social presence.

We facilitate social strategies to premium brands of all sizes from individuals and small businesses to corporate enterprises. Each brand requires a unique, customized approach to ensure they receive a solution to best accompany their needs.

Over a billion people use the internet and multiple social platforms every day. Neglecting to incorporate and utilize social media is the modern equivalent to not answering a telephone in the 20th century.

Every brand can benefit from a properly executed social strategy. We provide a solution that will not only unlock that potential, but will continue to adapt and improve according to your brand’s future needs alongside the ever-changing demands of developing technology.


  • 2 Social Platforms
  • Custom content creation and publishing


  • 3 Social Platforms
  • Custom content creation and publishing
  • Monthly Analytics Reporting


  • 4 Social Platforms
  • Custom content creation and publishing
  • Monthly Analytics Reporting
  • Press Releases/E-Mail Marketing/Blogs

Additional Services

Digital Branding Assessment/Consulting | Videography/Photography | Search Engine Optimization

Our Approach

Although the world of digital marketing and social media is relatively new, Platobrand’s philosophy remains old-fashioned. Satisfaction in our services is guaranteed or you will be issued a refund, simple as that.

Our methodology:

  1. Identify your brand’s goals and define specific metrics to monitor progress
  2. Create and execute a social campaign to correspond with established goals
  3. Continually modify and adjust strategy to best build, engage, and monetize your audience

Web Traffic & SEO

Search engine optimization is a key component to any brand’s success. Your brand may have an ascetically pleasing, high performing website already in place. However, a website is only able to do it’s job if your potential audience is able to find it.

Using social media to leverage engagement, we utilize targeted advertising to engage your audience. We then create and analyze data reports to continually improve and develop your social strategy.

Consulting Services

We realize that some brands require an alternative solution to one of our subscription packages. Whether you prefer to create/manage your own content and just need direction, or you might not have the budget to enroll in one of our subscription services, we offer individual consulting services to fit your brand’s budget and needs.

Our Industries

Examples of brands/industries we work with:

  • E-Commerce Sites
  • Performing/Recording Artists
  • Venue/Museums
  • Medical Specialists
  • Lawyers
  • Authors
  • Teachers/Clinicians
  • Boutique Fashion Retailers
  • Luxury Real Estate/Apartments
  • TV/Radio Personalities
  • Professional/Motivational Speakers
  • Repair/Maintenance Services
  • Personal Training/Yoga Instructors
  • Consumer Products
  • Corporate Events
  • Technology Education